Membership of the Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee consists of :

  • Fr Stephen Bliss ofm, Coordinator
  • Michael O’Brien, Padua College Kedron
  • Alison Stone, Mount Alvernia College Kedron
  • Kerrie Tuite, Mount Alvernia College Kedron

Term of membership of the Coordinating Committee

Three years, with the possibility of renewing for up to a further three years.

Role of the Coordinating Committee

To coordinate the resourcing of schools in FSA


  • To meet as required to plan the operations of Franciscan Schools Australia
  • To communicate with schools on a regular basis
  • To invite schools to become part of FSA
  • To survey schools to canvas their needs and what they could contribute to FSA
  • To invite Franciscan Religious and other members of the Franciscan Federation of Australia to volunteer to assist in visiting schools and responding to needs.
  • To set the levy to fund the operation of FSA